Elephant in the Room
in Reimagining Museums for Climate Action
Curators: Rodney Harrison and Colin Sterling
Glasgow Science Centre during COP26 (2021)

Elephant in the Room is a speculative ecofeminist fable for the climate crisis. The project addresses the elephant in the room—the climate crisis—by telling the story of one elephant who takes action to combat environmental injustice and climate change. The American Museum of Natural History in New York contains famous taxidermy dioramas, many of which were ‘collected’ (read killed) on the Smithsonian-Roosevelt African Expedition (1909-1910). The African Elephant Matriarch comes to life and storms out of the museum to stampede through the streets and protest patriarchy and networks of fossil-fuel funding. The pair of drawings is shot/countershot diorama setup. The 6-minute fable is written and visualized by Design Earth and narrated, in rhyming verse, by Donna Haraway.

Project Team:
Rania Ghosn, El Hadi Jazairy, Monica Hutton, Anhong LI

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