The Planet After Geoengineering
Biennale Architettura 2021: How will we live together?
Curator: Hashim Sarkis
May 22nd – November 21st, 2021

In the midst of a climate crisis, DESIGN EARTH thinks with and against technologies that counteract the effects of anthropogenic climate change by deliberately intervening in Earth systems. The Planet After Geoengineering portrays Earth following the deployment of five such technologies in a series of speculative fictions—Petrified Carbon, Arctic Albedo, Sky River, Sulfur Storm, and Dust Cloud—all while situating such promisory visions within a genealogy of climate-control projects from 19th-century rainmaking machines and volcanic eruptions to Cold War military plans.

The Planet After Geoengineering builds the worlds and tells the stories of geoengineering in three narrative media: drawing, animation, book.

The 25 drawings are assembled into one planetary section from the deep underground into outer space. The installation is part of the As One Planet exhibition in the Giardini Central Pavilion.

The animation (13:30 minutes) weaves together graphic and textual narratives with a music score by Christine Southworth & Evan Ziporyn.

Watch The Planet After Geoengineering story-performance at The World Around (2021).

Project Team
Project leads: Rania Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy
Design team: Reid Fellenbaum, Kelly Koh, Meng-Fu Kuo, Joude Mabsout, Jane Jia Weng; with contributions from Ayusha Ariana, Avery Nguyen, Michael Stradley
Animation team: Anhong Li, Monica Hutton